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Liz & Matt... Where do we begin...

These two sweet people have been together for some years now & I was lucky enough to document the next step in their love story.

These two kind-hearted souls bid on a session with me which I had donated to the Bottoms Up Comedy Fest in support of Cancer Research & the Yvette W. Ferris Foundation.

It took almost a year to get them scheduled, but as a true believer of "Everything Happens for a Reason", the most perfect day awaited us when I shot these two at Freedom Park in the heart of Charlotte, NC.

As you can see, they are just gorgeous, inside & out.

They had everyone in the park watching as well as hooting & hollering at them with every kiss!

It was such a fun afternoon filled with laughter & smiles <3

They'll be celebrating their wedding day in Lima, Peru next March.

Wish them some love on their journey!


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Riverbanks Zoo {Columbia, SC} https://www.darbygracephoto.com/blog/2013/5/riverbanks-zoo-columbia-sc My baby & I finally had a day off together from our incredibly busy life...

Thought I'd share a few images from our adventures at the Riverbanks Zoo. 

If you haven't been yet, it's an absolute must.

It was such a fun experience & it was the most spotless zoo I've ever been to! 

The animals were so active, we just couldn't believe it! 
The lion & the lioness were just a little too active, if you catch my drift ;)
Sent an entire elementary school class running away squealing... but I digress :)

This would be our little one, Darby Grace. So excited about her first trip to the zoo!

This would be my little one, Darby Grace. So excited about her first trip to the zoo!



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